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Buoyed by the great success , popularity and readership of this investing related blog, along with my undying passion towards long term and value investing , I have recently launched a investment advisory or portfolio management services start-up called “ Margin of Safety Advisory Pvt Ltd”

What “Margin of safety” means :

This concept has been considered as key cornerstone of value investing by big investors like Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet. Margin of safety is the difference between market price and intrinsic/fair value of the asset. The return on investment is directly linked to the margin of safety you deploy.


Mission/Goals :This start up has been launched with the goals of providing

  • Reasonable(above average) & consistent returns through long term & safe investing(Value investing)
  • Reliable and competent services to clients while protecting their capital and interests
  • Absolutely bottom up and research driven stock selection to ensure high conviction and high quality stocks/ businesses
  • Focus investing – Investment in 15-18 high conviction business/ stock ideas to ensure market beating returns(good alpha)
  • Low turnover – Targeting low turnover, 20-25% per year so that average holding  period is 4 to 5 years. This will reduce speculation tendencies as well as minimize brokerage and taxes.


Performance – We have consistently beaten the market every year for last 5 years .

Model portfolio performance tracker – Status on 31/12/2017



Why hire us for your investment advisory or Portfolio management services

  • Market beating returns every year consistently for last 5 years
  • We handle your money responsibly & put our skin in the game- We buy the same recommended stocks for ourselves
  • No Fixed Fees to be charged
  • Only Performance or Returns based fees model(variable fees model ). 20-25% share of the profit/returns.
  • Hurdle rate of 8% . No charges/fees till profit/returns <8% in a given year .
  • Long term investment with no speculation– Goal not to incur any short term capital gains Tax
  • Investment only in high quality businesses with quality management,  high Return on capital and durable moat/ competitive advantage
  • Buy businesses/ stocks at attractive prices, offering good margin of safety and protecting your capital
  • Reasonable(Above average) & consistent returns through safe & low risk  investing  in Blue chip stocks

Stock selection methodology :-

Investment Framework4

    Portfolio management strategy
  • Focus Investing

- Investing in 15-18 high conviction stocks to ensure market beating returns

  • Weightages of individual stocks as per the conviction level, margin of safety and sector
  • Low turnover – Targeting low turnover, 20-25% per year so that average holding  period is 4 to 5 years to ensure minimum brokerage expenses and minimum taxes and thereby higher returns


Contact us if you are interested in exploring our services.


Email – amallik@lycos.com

Whatsapp – 9773703801

Facebook –www.facebook.com/amardeep.mallik

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