Warren Buffet once said that he owes his remarkable success to a luck factor as he was born at the right place(USA) at the right time. The stupendous growth of US economy after world war II for the next 60 years was the biggest growth story of 20th century. Warren and lot of other legendary investors like Benjamin Graham, Philip Fisher, John Templeton were born at the right time in US and rode the US economy growth to create their wealth in billions of dollars.

We , Indians are staring at the same kind of opportunity to create huge wealth by riding the biggest growth story of the 21st century-Indian economy.

Do you know that India is predicted to become the largest economy by 2050? Source: Citibank report and US Govt. report(Robert Blake , Astt secretary of state, US)

Do you know that India is well on its way to surpass US economy by 2042? Source: Goldman Sachs BRIC report. My projections are forcasting that we will surpass by 2035(next 25 years)

Do you know that India would be a $5 Trillion economy by 2020- probably the 3rd largest after overtaking Japan? This is 4 times the current size($1.4 Trillion) in one decade(10 years) Source: Standard Chartered report

Do you know that India would be $20 Trillion economy by 2030? This is about 14 times more than current size in 20 years. This will be about 1.5 times the current size of US economy. Source : Standard Chartered report

Do you know that in 2010 , Indian economy surpassed China to become the fastest growing economy in the world ? Yes, the nominal growth of the Indian economy(in actual Dollar terms) was at 20% , highest in the world. However the real GDP growth was at about 9%(after subtracting inflation rate at 11% from the nominal GDP growth). China’s real GDP growth(after subtracting inflation) was at about 10% as their inflation was much lower at 5-6%

So , keep your seat belts tight while riding this Indian Tiger(economy). If you wisely ride this stupendous growth opportunity for the next 40 years by investment in the right stocks/businesses and assets , you could create huge wealth for yourself and your coming generations? However, if you casually and unwisely ride by taking undue risks and by being too greedy and impatient ,you are doomed to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Remember,Warren didn’t make his billions in 10 years. He made it through patience and discipline in >50 years of investing. Often, Time in the market is more important than timing the market.

Principles of Value Investment as taught and applied by great investment gurus like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet and Philip Fisher could help you to ride this tiger firmly and wisely without taking any undue risks on the invested capital and still create millions and perhaps billions.

One of the objectives of this blog is to create awareness about this huge opportunity when one can make tons of wealth through value investing in Indian markets for the next 40 years.

All the best for safe and productive Investment riding.

Amardeep Mallik
email: amallik@mailcity.com


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